Baggizmo Tech Spec


The Baggizmo has integrated an NFC tag in the top front pocket. NFC (near field communication) is a wireless technology which allows the transfer of data such as texts or numbers. Some of our customers use it in the following ways:  

  • As a virtual business card 
  • To launch a Website / landing page URL
  • To turn their computer on/off remotely 
  • To lock and unlock your door
  • Share pictures or videos with friends
  • Make fast payments on the go
  • Save battery on your mobile phone
  • Turn on your phone’s hotspot 
  • Turn phone from / to silent mode
  • Send messages 


A pocket for headphones is placed on the padded shoulder strap. It helps avoid tangled cables while you have your headphones as close as you need – as you sit, walk or drive.

In between the compartments there are specially tailored (hidden) passages enabling you to charge your tablet with a power stick or to connect your headphones to your phone.



Specially designed compartments for a tablet, two smartphones, keys, wallet, headphones, power stick and more.

Adjustable Baggizmo strap allows for easy adjustment on the back so that it better fits your body shape for maximum comfort and stability.
Minimum strap dimensions: 108cm
Maximum strap dimensions: 128cm



The bag’s dimensions have been kept to a minimum due to the purpose of each compartment, thus limiting the “overload” that could affect its stability on the body and comfortable wearing and use of Baggizmo.

Baggizmo is designed to fit an 8.4’’ tablet and two smartphones; one compartment can receive smartphones max size 6’’ and another max size 5.2’’.