What happens when two visionary Co -founders combine Fashionable Glasses with voice enabled technology?

If you love the idea of wearing stylish glasses, being hands free and having your glasses talk to you, then the Voxos Smart Glasses are for you. They connect to your phone via Bluetooth and use bone conduction technology so you can still hear the sound around you to stay safe. Genius! Hello everyone, I’m Seetal Fatania, Founder of Fifth & Blue and I was really excited to speak with Sanjay Daswani and Maja Köberl, Co-founders of Voxos Smart glasses.


Thank you both for joining me. Now, before we talk about Voxos, I want to get to know both of you a bit more. Let’s start with a fun fact or the craziest thing you've done? Don’t worry our readers won’t judge! 

Maja:  Well, I’m from Austria so I’m very much into skiing, I love the mountains and the exhilaration skiing gives so one of the craziest things I‘ve ever done was to ski down a huge mountain in the middle of the night without any light! I let my senses guide me and thankfully I made it in one piece! My friends thought I was mad but at that moment the adrenaline took over and it was a great accomplishment!

Sanjay:  There have been some crazy moments but to keep with the theme of mountains when I was a lot younger, I visited Grindelwald in Switzerland and after reaching the summit of one of the mountains, I decided to walk down the mountain without the right gear! Unable to find the path to follow, we found 4 individuals who appeared to know where they were going so we thought let’s follow. To our surprise about 20 minutes in, they reached the spot where they had parked their hand glides and hand glided away into the sunset. At that point, we could not walk back up and our only way was down. Long story short, after hours and multiple near-death experiences trying to cross streams and other obstacles, we finally made it back down alive with only a couple of grazes. Thank god, I’m still here to tell the story!

Wow, that is crazy! So tell me, how did the two of you become business partners and why the name Voxos?

Maja: I met Sanjay at his company where I did an internship. Sanjay mentored me in many areas and we worked on various tech projects together. Our skills and knowledge complement each other and we share a similar vision. Sanjay gave me the opportunity to dive into various areas within the nanotechnology space. However, hardware and accessibility within the mobility space are what my heart beats for which is why he asked me to join him on the Voxos journey. Our common goal was to bring Fashion Tech to millions of users worldwide.

The name Voxos is a combination of two latin words Vox which means Voice and Os which means bones. The name reflects the term “the voice of your bones”. 

Voxos Smart Glasses use bone conduction technology, what exactly is this and how does it work?

Maja: Bone Conduction Technology is a different way of transferring sound waves to the user’s inner ear. Regular air conduction transfers sound waves through air whereas bone conduction vibrates the bones thereby sending sound waves through the skull to the inner ear. This leaves the natural hearing sense completely free and does not block our ability to hear and be aware of our surroundings.

At Fifth & Blue, we believe that consumers should have the best of both Fashion and Tech and that innovations should not only look good but add value or help simplify consumer lives. How do the Smart glasses add value to consumers day to day?

Sanjay: Nearly eight out of ten (78%) young drivers say they often see pedestrians step into the road whilst distracted by their phones. 66% see pedestrians wearing headphones while stepping into the road. Our Smart Glasses use Bone conduction technology which compared to other audio technologies does not block our human senses. 

Voxos allows the user to wear their digital world on their face without the need to take out their phone all the time plus they look amazing!

Your Smart glasses have features like GPS navigation, access to music, answering calls etc. Could you tell me how these specific features work and what other features we can expect to see? 

Maja: Voxos connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth. The user can use all applications the phone has to offer through voice. The main features as you describe are phone calls, music and GPS. The glasses have an integrated touchpad to navigate through these functions. For example, swiping back to accept an incoming call or pressing the touchpad to activate Siri and start navigation. We are working on a Voxos App that will allow the integration of third-party applications and give the user the opportunity to customize the Voxos experience.

What’s really interesting is the Voxos Smart Glasses can access and perform the same key features as a smartphone. What do you think will happen to smartphones in the future if you are able to access these features via smart wearable innovations?

Sanjay: This is a very interesting question and difficult to answer as so many different things need to be factored in. However, I truly believe that we will be able to move to an era of smartphone independent wearables. In the early days of tech, most messages were shared using text. This evolved to pictorial messaging and in recent times we have adopted video as a means to communicate. With the advent of AI and other new technologies, we clearly see a move to natural language as the communication method of the future. This will mean that we only require a device where we can receive natural language content and deliver natural language commands.

Voxos fits this future trend perfectly and already allows users to experience this with the integration of any mobile assistant such as Siri or Google Assistant. Having the technologies even more integrated into our human bodies and lifestyle will become a norm. 

There are so many more things to talk about but for now, we're eager to know what has 2019 has in store for you and Voxos?

Both: There are many new areas besides consumer electronics that we are tapping into. One of them is healthcare. We are also working on the development of our app, which will enhance the user journey with Voxos alongside our roadmap for the device which will see new features and functionality delivered to our users. 

Thank you both so much for your time and we look forward to seeing all that is in store for Voxos.