If Opportunity Doesn't Knock. Build A Door.

A lot of people have said to me ‘I really admire that you’ve taken the leap to launch your own business, do these products really exist?’ or ‘It takes real courage and conviction to move into this space, are people ready for Fashion Tech?’ The truth is when you truly believe you’re at the precipice of something life-changing like Stylish Smart Tech you have to build a door for the opportunity to knock and allow people to enter a world of great possibilities. A world where the possibilities are limitless and one where Fashion and Tech can co-exist in harmony. 

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Seetal Fatania and I am the founder of Fifth & Blue. I started this company because I believe technology that can truly help solve life’s pain points and be stylish at the same time, needs to be brought to our attention. Whether it saves us a couple of minutes a day, keeps us safe, keeps us connected or keeps us healthy, we'd all like products that can help stylishly simplify our daily lives.

FIFTH & BLUE is an online platform that brings together innovative Fashion Tech Designers and connects them to consumers like you and me that want the best of both worlds. We’re a lifestyle brand and believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between Fashion and Technology, so we scour the globe to find beautifully crafted, stylish wearables, designed to make us look smart and live smarter.
So what do we look for? When we find stylish Smart Tech brands, we ask ourselves three questions:
  1. Will it add real value to my life/solve a pain point?
  2. Is the tech seamlessly integrated, subtle to the eye and simple to use?
  3. Would I want to be seen wearing/using it?
If the answer is yes to all three then we get super excited and will bring them to your attention :)

Our mission is simple: ‘we want to add a touch of Stylish Smart Tech to every wardrobe’. So if you’ve come across products that you feel we should consider please contact us or if you’re a designer that answers yes to our three criteria’s we’d love to hear from you.


Stay tuned to hear more about our amazing designers and thoughtful innovations, because I know they’ve all pushed boundaries and built doors of their own to bring us something great.